Advertising Media Training Courses

These are professional practitioner training courses about media strategy, planning, buying and evaluation. Whilst some theory is inevitable, the main focus of these courses is to show you how to do things. How to plan media, how to buy media and how to evaluate media investments.

The key principles of this training are about enabling you to put theory into practice:  Not just what it is, but how you do it in practice.

Who are these courses for?

  • Marketers who work with media agencies
  • Marketers who want to learn more about media planning and buying
  • Procurment specialists who want to learn more about media contracts and ways of working
  • Agency media teams who need to broaden their skills if they are specialised into one area
  • Graduate training schemes

Here is a selection of the media planning and buying training courses I offer:

  1. How to use Zero Based Budgeting to build your marketing budget (1/2 day) – more information here
  2. How to research and understand your target audience  (1/2 day) – more information here
  3. How to use your marketing budget to win more new customers (1 day) – more information here
  4. How to use digital media to win new customers (1 day) – more information here
  5. How to plan multi-media advertising campaigns (1 day) – more information here
  6. Media Strategy Training Course (1 day) – more information here
  7. TV media planning and buying (1 day) – more information here
  8. How to Buy and Manage Media Campaigns (1 day) – more information here
  9. How to Evaluate Media Advertising Campaigns (1 day) – more information here
  10. How to Plan, Buy and Evaluate Performance Media (1 day) – more information here
  11. How to Plan, Buy and Evaluate DRTV (1 day) – more information here

Media Agency Contracts and Commercials

  1. Understanding Media Contracts, Trading and Transparency (1/2 day) – more information here
  2. Ways of Working to Improve Client-Agency Relationships (1/2 day) – more information here

Media Agency Ways of Working

  1. How to write Creative and Media Briefs for your Agency (1/2 day)
  2. Improving your Way of Working with Agencies (1/2 day)
  3. How to be a Great Client (and how to be a Bad Client) (1/2 day)
  4. How to Evaluate a Media Plan (1/2 day)

Bespoke Media Agency Training Courses

Sometimes you have highly targeted training needs. In that case we can develop a bespoke course which provides training in the areas you think should be strengthened. This may incur additional course preparation costs.

Costs and timing – 1 day courses

  • Course duration: 1 day, 9.30am – 5.00pm
  • Cost: £250 per delegate
  • 10 or more delegates £200 per delegate
  • Min 5 delegates (£1,250),
  • Max 20 delegates (£4,000)
  • Costs exclude VAT

Costs and timing – 1/2 day courses

  • Course duration: 1/2 day, 9.30am – 2.00pm
  • Cost: £150 per delegate
  • Min 5 delegates (£750), Max 20 delegates (£3,000)
  • Costs exclude VAT

Courses are normally delivered at your offices. Third party room hire is an additional cost.