Media Skills Courses for Marketers

Have you ever sat in a meeting with your media agency and asked yourself “what do they really mean?” or has your boss asked you “why did the media agency do that?” and you’ve not been able to fully explain.

You are not alone – paid media is complicated; it has its own unique processes and its own language. Simple, easy to follow explanation is rare.  My goal is to empower marketing teams, managers and CMOs to be much more confident in dealing with media agency issues – particularly around paid media.

I offer high quality, experienced-based and professional training workshops that will significantly increase your understanding about how marketing media investments work.

My courses are based on experience gained in leading UK and global media agencies and companies including Ogilvy, MindShare, PHD, Initiative, FCB Worldwide, Channel Four TV and CACI.

I provide practical and action-orientated training in areas like:

  • The key principles of good multi-channel media strategy and planning
  • The strengths and task suitability of different media and communications channels (online and offline)
  • How to construct and integrated channel plan and budgets
  • Media buying and campaign management in all channels – from TV to digital media
  • How to evaluate media advertising campaigns in all channels to maximise ROI
  • How to improve and maximise the results you get from ‘performance media’ campaigns
  • Contracts and commercials – to ensure you are protected and get the best deal at the right terms from your media agency
  • Ways of Working to assess and improve your client-agency relationships and processes.

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